Underground Drainage

In this section, you will find all of our standard 110mm & 160mm PVC underground drainage systems – these are popular products that are used in everyday drainage projects including our underground drainage pipes. We offer single or bulk purchase options.

Inspection Chambers

Inspection Chambers are an integral part of the Underground Drainage system, providing access for testing, inspecting and clearing blockages. Drainage Sales offer what is probably the largest range of complete inspection chambers in the UK as well as all the sectional parts that make up the chamber.

Soil and Waste Pipes and Fittings

Our Soil and Waste systems are manufactured in the UK by FloPlast in one of Europe’s most technologically advanced factories. The result is a high-quality soil & waste pipes and fittings that are tough and durable, yet lightweight and simple to install.

Sewage Treatment Plants, Tanks and Pumping Stations

Our range of Sewage Treatment Plants and Pumping Stations are used to collect the outflow of waste from drainage systems and either clean it (Sewage Treatment Plants) or move it via a pump uphill (Pumping Station) via a rising pipe which is connected to the mains sewer.

We also have a range of Oil & Diesel tanks for domestic and commercial storage.

Electrical & Lighting