Trading bot development history

Social Bot Trading, SBT is a new advanced trading system developed by a group of financial portfolio managers and programmers with a wealth of experience that span many years.

A few years ago the newly designed intelligent trading Robot was initiated by a group of programmers to trade consistently based on new and evolving market trends. The intelligent Robot can trade all financial instruments using a hedging & scalping strategy.

Cryptos our bot trades

ADA Cardano LINK Chainlink
BTC Bitcoin ETH Ethereum
LTC Litecoin BNB Binance Coin
DOGE Doge MATIC Polygon Matic
TRON Tron ENJ Enjin

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With present trends in the crypto market and lots of pain with funds lost owing to market volatility, SBT decided to launch the most awaited intelligent Robot with a smart trading approach where you make consistent returns on your investment exponentially for Free!

Crypto Coins


Our aim is to be transparent while we respect your privacy as an individual or investor, we do not require KYC, but we consistently deliver on our promises and you will be amazed as to what this intelligent Robot can do for you.



Offers one-level affiliate program of 5% on the profit your referral makes on a monthly basis while, the intelligent robot trade on their account, this offer is only for a limited period so why not take advantage of this offer to build your crypto portfolio, the more people your personally refer, the more 5% commission you take home monthly.

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To fully participate in SBT free offer, Register, fund your Binance exchange account with at least 100 USDT and then click on API management to connect to SBT, complete the process, and you are good to go. Your Money remains in your Binance account, we have no control whatsoever on it and as well and you can discontinue the service whenever and however, you deem fit.

With selected crypto pairs that have been researched to respond well, mostly to price movement. Your investment gets daily returns on average, a minimum of up to 20% monthly. The best part is you have one free trade on your account which will allow you to decide, either to continue trading with us or not.

SBT offers free trading for 3 days to all new partners, this is to allow you to EXPERIENCE FIRSTHAND what the intelligent Robot can achieve, after 3 days of free trading, the Robot will stop trading automatically on your account.

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How it works

In order to continue trading with us after your free trade, you need to do the following:

  • Your Binance Exchange Spot account should have a minimum $500 balance in USDT
  • You have to fund your SBT wallet with a minimum 2-4% [ of the total funds in your binance account you wish to trade with ] as commission for the intelligent robot to continue trading.
  • As your profit increases so does the balance in your Binance account increase as well, but your minimum deposit with SBT needs to be topped up manually by you in order for the robot to continue trading, note that your account balance should always reflect in SBT wallet a minimum of 2-4%.
  • SBT only charges you 25% of the total profit made from trading, while you go with 75% of all profits at the close of trade. [The minimum requirements of 2-4% initially charged for the Robot to trade is inclusive in the 25% and the balance can be paid at the withdrawal of funds and closing a trade or your account]
  • The Robot can deliver minimum of about 20% monthly, in a worst-case scenario.